I thought, "Now I've heard of everything!" But, there is some logic in taking tree inventory.  The  information gathered will be used to determine our species diversity, age diversity of the trees, calculate benefits of our urban forest, such as lbs. of carbon sequestered, and the number of gallons of storm water runoff avoided because of the trees, which amounts to more than a million gallons a year. The collected information will also be used to determine where the City can plant more trees in the future.


The City of Duluth Parks and Recreation Department is looking for volunteers to assist city staff in taking inventory of all the street trees in Duluth. Volunteers interested are asked to attend the Re-Leaf tree inventory volunteer training on Wednesday, July 11th from 4:00-6:00 PM at the Central Hillside Community Center located at 12 East 4th Street (corner of Lake Avenue and 4th Street).

Volunteers will be trained on the methodology of our tree street inventory along with identification of the tree species, size, and simple condition assessments. People do not need any tree ID experience to participate but are asked to attend the training. Tree inventories can be done by volunteers on their own or in pairs as often as they have time throughout the summer. The last City of Duluth tree inventory was conducted in 1994.

For more information contact Shawna MullenEardley, City of Duluth Parks and Recreation at 218-730-4311.