It really is up in the air tonight, with no clear winner for this season of "The Voice."  Last night they all sang the song that got them their from the blind auditions. They did a duet with their coaches too.   And then, they performed another song to try to win the competition.

Jake did a great job with Keith Whitley's "Don't Close Your Eyes."  It's what got him here, and he nailed it again.  His warm tone is his biggest asset, and this song is perfect for it.

He also shined on "Right, Here, Waiting."  That's his kind of song, and this is where his bread and butter is.  His voice is crafted for these love songs, and he'll make the girls vote for him.

He also had a good duet with Blake for "Country Boy Can Survive."  It was a good pick of a song to rally the country demographic to vote for their aw shucks boy from Texas.

I think Jake can win it by his mass appeal.  When it comes down to vocal ability and technical skill he isn't the winner on this show.  But when it comes down to personality, tone, and likeability, he is the clear winner.  We'll find out tonight.