In the attempt of trying not to die before 40 I've made some healthier changes lately.  I gave up smoking last year, and then subsequently gained about 15 pounds.   So now in order to try to lose that weight and then some, I decided to start running again for the first time in nearly 7 years.  The problem?  Incredible foot pain.  I've been fighting plantar fasciitiss for months, and couldn't figure out a cure until now.

I've tried the sleep brace for my foot, which helped a little.   However at the end of the day no matter which shoe I was wearing I was getting that horrible pain on my heel.  So I went to a local shoe store (Tortoise & Hare) and asked for help.  They recommended the Brooks Beast control shoe.

It's got a lot of cushion in it, which is great.  It fits my low arches quite well.  It felt good right away in the store.  It turns out what I needed is a shoe that corrects my pronating tendencies.  I walk on the inside of my feet and that's caused some foot an ankle problems.

The real test is I went for a jog the same day I got the shoes.  My legs killed me the next day, but I expected that considering it's the first time I've ran in years.  After wearing the shoes for about a week now my foot pain has gone down significantly.  I've been jogging a couple times sense and my legs are getting stronger and my feet aren't preventing me from running.

So if you find yourself in my shoes (pun intended), maybe Brooks Beast could be the shoe for you.