SPOILER ALERT!  This last Sunday nights episode "Say My Name" of AMC's popular show Breaking Bad was a definite turning point for me.  As a viewer who has seen every episode, I've always been pulling for Walter White and Jesse.  I wanted to see them make money, I wanted to see them be successful and not get caught.  After the last episode, I hope Hank catches Walter White and he ends up crying in a jail cell.Or maybe better off dead, that way Jesse might have a chance to get out of this alive.  Hats off to the creator Vince Gilligan and the rest of the staff.  I've never had such an emotional roller coaster ride in a series as Breaking Bad.  Throughout every point of the series, I have found myself disliking and loving every character.   And it's so seamless the transition.

I remember when Skyler started cheating on Walt, man was I pissed!  Now I feel so bad for Skyler, and hate Walt.  Jesse was just a punk loser at the beginning and now he is the only moral compass left.  Mike was going to off the guys and was enemy #1, and he eventually became my favorite character.

That's where the turning point was for me.  When Walter in anger shot and killed Mike.  That was when I just gave up on Walt and hoped Mike would have been able to get a shot off.  I was worried this entire time of watching Breaking Bad that how was I going to handle the eventual demise of Walt.  Now I'm looking forward to it.  I think that's what Vince Gilligan and the staff at Breaking Bad were striving for - bring the audience together and enjoy watching Walter get whats coming to him.

One thing is clear:  They have done a great job at turning a mild mannered school teacher into a monstrous drug villian.