Well after last week's predictions, I'm 2 for 3.  Kinda sorta.   Spoiler Alert!!!

I was hoping Hank was going to get out of the situation alive.   Unfortunately that clouded my judgement.   Of course he needed to die.  Gomez was a no brainer, and Pinkmann had me worried for a minute, but I didn't feel they could kill off two main characters back to back.   I bet Jesse wishes they had just killed him at this point.

So we are left at the end of the episode with Walt losing his family, fleeing with his remaining barrel of money, and hopping in the disappearing act's van.

What happens next?   First, here's next week's promo to be fair.


From what we can see in the promo, the cops are sitting outside the White's house, keeping an eye on to see if Walt comes back.  We hear Saul explaining to Walter that they are going to go after Skylar.

Here's what I predict:

DEA is going to start a massive man hunt for Walt.   They will come down hard on Skylar to do whatever they can to get Walter White.  Perhaps even using her as bait.

Marie is going to have a nervous breakdown... driving her to do something extreme.

Saul advises Walter to do something drastic.   "How much time do you have left?'  We hear that in the promo.  You could assume he's asking how much time does he have left before he dies.  A possibility is that Saul is either A.)  Telling Walter to turn himself in and spare his family, or B.)  telling him to kill Skylar.

By the end of the next episode, I'm predicting that we will see the house seized (Like in the opening episode.)  I think that the finale will be present day, so the rest of this has to wrap up in episode 515.  Then for the finale, it'll be Walt going to kill who ever he was planning on with the poison.