Good morning!  We're at it again, and here's what we are discussing.   Cathy decided for some strange reason to bring in her "onion goggles."  They are sealed goggles that you can use so the aroma of chopping onions doesn't irritate your eyes.   Sounds kinda strange to me.

Do you have any tricks for chopping onions?   I've always taken a piece of bread and put it in my mouth while I chop.   It works!

Also we are asking you to take our poll, about Black Friday deals on Thanksgiving.  Take the poll!

And black friday deaths are not that uncommon with people pushing and shoving to try to get good deals!  This is sad and morbid, but check out the black friday death count.

 B105 Things Highlights:

A working replica of the batmobile is for sale for $200,000.

Horseback yoga?   What the heck is this?


Neither of us knew that dogs could donate blood to other dogs, but this pooch named riley has saved the lives of 224 other canines.

A new weight loss chip could be implanted in your body and it will tell you when you're full.   (Sure let's worry about it after Thanksgiving...)

Brain Teaser Question:

One in five adults claim to know more about this subject than they actually do.

Answer:  Wine

Speaking of wine, there are extra dui enforcement patrols this weekend.   Don't drink and drive!

Are You Smarter Than?

Cranberries became a staple of Thanksgiving meals after which general ordered it served to his soliders.

Answer:  Ulysses S. Grant

Entertaiment Update:

Miranda Lambert fires back after tabloids claim she used surgery to lose weight!

Look for Luke Bryan on Ellen today, Carrie Underwood's special "Making of The Sound of Music" tonight on NBC.  Garth Brooks will be on Jay Leno, and Florida Georgia Line visits Jimmy Fallon.

Congrats to Jennifer Love Hewitt who had a baby girl and got married!   They kept it private until now.  Autumn James Hallisay was born yesterday, and her rep announced that she had married the baby's daddy Brian Hallisay.

Also on the topic of marriage, Kaley Cuoco and her fiance's wedding date is set as New Years Eve!   The same day Cathy and her husband got married!  (And then she rambled on about that for a good 2 minutes.)

Tips for Black Friday Shopping

  • Wear comfy shoes
  • bring snacks
  • wear comfortabl clothes
  • use specific check out counters at sections of stores like electronics, jewelry, etc.
  • get vouchers for door busters
  • have family and friends help