We start off Tuesday on a rather cold Twin Ports morning, temps are around 17 degrees, and it's a bit windy.  Cathy and I reviewed the weather for Thanksgiving travel and it looks pretty good for the midwest.   Out east there may be some storms, and in a shocking turn of events, Cathy got most of the geography somewhat right today.

B105 Things Highlights:

The average american butterpants will down 4,500 calories on Thanksgiving Day!  It breaks down to about 3,000 for your main meal, and 1500 on snacks before and after.   The worst part?   229 Grams of fat... which is equal to 3 sticks of butter.   But what the heck, it's only 1 day a year and it's tradition!  Put on the sweat pants!

Why does tapping the glass of a beer bottle foam up a drink?   Scientific research has been done.

Probably the grossest thing we've heard of in a while:  A company is now offering picture frames made of your dried and cracked pacenta.   Barf.

Brainteaser Question:

Michigan was the first state to have these roadside...

Answer:   Picnic Tables!

Cathy gets emotional

She wanted to be serious for a moment about the holidays.   It's a lot of stress on us when we have people over or running around from house to house, but she brings up a good point that we are going to miss this someday.  Some of our older relatives are getting to the point that they can no longer travel or partcipate in family rituals.   Savor every moment.

We're addicted to our smart phones

We answered a series of questions and took the quiz.   From medical problems to social issues, we both suffer from smart phone addiction.  Take a look at the questions and see how many apply to you.

Pioneer of the day to win Band Perry Tickets

The Band Perry is coming to the DECC with their "We Are Pioneers Tour."   So we give you a pioneer every day, then when David and Chris ask for that name later in the day, you call in and win.   Today's pioneer was Daniel Greysolon, Le Seir Du Luth.

Are You Smarter Than Cathy?

How many sides to a Septagon?

Cathy answered 9 because it sounds like September.  Heidi, our caller, correctly answered 7 sides.

Entertainment Update:

Lots of country stars on TV coming up!   Florida Georgia Line will be on E's Chelsea Lately and on Jimmy Fallon this Wednesday.  Kellie Pickler will be on the Voice.  Lady Antebellum will perform on Dancing With Stars tonight on ABC.  Kelly Clarkson will be on Jimmy Fallon tonight.

There's new information kiosks now on the lakewalk!

Cathy shared that even if you're from here, there's a lot you can learn on the kiosks.  Check them out!