Happy Monday!  We're bloggin live about what happens this morning on the Breakfast Club.  So far, we've covered the rare tie with the Vikings / Packers game, and cheered about the Bulldogs Hockey win over the gophers yesterday! (6-2)

Highlights from the B105 things:

Gift cards are becoming the most popular holiday gift!  This year, 80% of shoppers will buy a gift card for someone.

Parents who want good looking babies are hiring "egg agents" to find models and actresses that are willing to sell their eggs.

Oil Pulling is becoming popular.  It's the act of swishing oil around in your mouth to help pull bacteria out of the body.  Some even say it reduces acne, asthma and cures stomach conditions.

 Brain Teaser Question:

A survey says an average woman will us this for 12 years...

Answer:  Hair Stylist!

Cathy and I were comparing our coffee thermoses, and realized mine is much bigger.


Cathy also learned today that those tanks on the back of firefighters were not fire extinguishers, but rather oxygen tanks so they could breath.   Oh cathy...

And we gave some advice on deep frying a turkey vs oven roasting.

 Are You Smarter Than?

Cathy's question for Ken & our caller Denise today was:  Who was the first president to be born in a hospital.   Ken answered Calvin Coolidge, while Denise answered Kennedy.   Turns out it was Jimmy Carter.

Cathy thought it would be strange that presidents were born in hospitals, because they would want to hide them, but then realized the babies weren't born presidents, they were elected many years later.   Nice, Cath.

Entertainment Update

Taylor swift won big last night at the AMA's.

George Jones Tribute concert highlights were the duets of Garth & Trisha, Blake & Miranda, and George Strait and Martina McBride.

Ken's excited to see Kellie Pickler appear as a guest on Dancing With The Stars tonight!

 Red Cross offers safety tips for Thanksgiving Cooking.

Cathy shared some tips on how to keep everyone safe during your Thanksgiving meal cooking this week!

And we looked at symptoms and discovered that neither Cathy or I are gluten intolerant.  Phew...