Today is the Section A Quarterfinals where Hermantown will play Luverne!  The game is at 11 this morning, and we're wishing the best to the Hawks.  GO HAWKS!

B105 Things

The Great Lakes Ice cover has reached 90.5%- the most in almost 20 years.  The record is 95%, and experts think we could break that before spring thaw.

Dunkin' Donuts introduced a new spreadable Hollandaise sauce.   Hmmm.

Netflix and Gmail users beware, there's a new scam that allows hackers to access your computer and the webcam!

And Vitamin IV Drips are the New Celebrity Health Craze!

Brain Teaser Question:

Almost all of us have worn this, but less than one in ten have purchased it, what?  Answer:  Bowling Shoes

Today is Ash Wednesday What Are You Giving Up For Lent?  Comment below, and we'll read the best comments on air!

So this morning Cathy used the idiom, "like a bat out of a batcave."  Hmm.  That didn't sound quite right and we had a good laugh.  What I think she was trying to say was "like a bat out of hell."  That brought us to meatloaf, and this video is kind of funny for the first few minutes where he just walks around stage.

Are You Smarter Than?

Cathy had a question for Amanda and I.  It was:  How long does it take the sunlight to travel to earth from the sun?  Answer:  8 minutes.

Entertainment Update

Eric Church's brand new record The Outsiders has already sold 300,000 copies!

Taylor Swift has another stalker problem.  This crazy's name is Timothy Sweet and he thinks he's married to the star.   Good news, the court has ordered him to stay 100 yards away from Taylor... like that will do any good.

Toby Keith has announced his new tour... he'll be stopping in Winsted, MN on Jun 20.

The Dancing With The Stars Cast has been announced!  Plus, they'll have a new twist in the show where viewers can vote to switch celebrities with their dance partners.