Good Morning and welcome the show!  Cathy tried taking a selfie of us... oops.

B105 Things

Today is National Pancake Day!  Free Flappers at IHOP.  You just gotta find one.

Heartwarming story of the day... an 8 year old helps other students pay off lunch accounts.

NFL is now talking about having longer extra points.  Instead of placing the ball on the 2 year line, they'll extend it to the 25 yard line.  So far, it's just being talked about for the preseason to try it out.

And this guy talked himself on to TV shows as a trained chef.  He's not.  He was just pranking them.

Brain Teaser Question:

Sales of this liquid have decreased by 40% since the late 90's.

Answer:  Orange Juice.  They say we don't sit down to eat breakfast anymore, that's why sales are down.

Do you think Medicinal Marijuana should be legalized in Minnesota?  Comment below, and we will read your comments on air!


Entertainment Update:

Carrie Underwood recently tweeted a picture of herself meeting Norman Reedus of The Walking Dead.


Also, Miranda Lambert & Blake bought a Nashville home together.  They've said Oklahoma will always be home to them, but it's nice to have a house near some of the work they do.

Look for David Nail on Letterman tonight.

Scarlett Johansson is pregnant!  She's 5 months pregnant with fiancee Romain Dauriac.

There's a website where you can join Ellen's selfie from the Oscars the other night.  It allows you to put a picture of yourself in.

And speaking of Ellen's Oscars hosting, despite mixed reviews, ratings were up 7% over last year.

Things men over 30 shouldn't wear.



choker necklace

mock turtle necks

bright sneakers

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