It's Throwback Thursday!   Here's a pic of Cathy from the 1980's when she had more hair.  This is pre-spikes era.

Join Chris Allen tonight for Throwback Thursday at Green Mill from 8-10pm!  He'll have prizes, throwback music, and specials!

It's also the first day of spring, and we are expecting 2-4 inches of snow tomorrow.  Great, right?

B105 Things

Grocery prices expected to be up 3.5% this year.  70% increase for coffee, 11% wheat, and 7% for meat.  The hikes are due to weather-related issues.

A tumbleweed tornado has actually trapped Colorado Spring residents in their home.  This is crazy!  Tumbleweed was stacked about 10 feet high in some places.

There's a new app that can help you avoid your friends.   The CLOAK app can warn when friends or coworkers are nearby.  So are they really friends?

 Brain Teaser Question:

Parents with kids ages 6-12 spend $250 a year on this....

Answer:  Birthday Party Gifts

Austrailia officials believe they may have found wreckage from the Malaysia flight 370 floating in the Indian Ocean.


Are You Smarter Than?

What is the official name of the First Day of Spring?

I answered spring equinox, Donnie our listnener guessed 'great day', lol.   We gave it to Donnie, since we both got it wrong.  The answer is actually vernal equinox.

Entertainment Udpate

Luke Bryan's digital EP Spring Break 6 has topped the Billboard's Country Albums charts with more than 74,000 copies sold already in it's first week.

Garth & Trisha are moving to Nashville.  They've been calling Oklahoma home all these years, but decided to make a move as they focus on their careers again.

Eric Paslay will appear on The Queen Latifah Show today.

Dwight Yoakam has scored a recurring role on 'Under The Dome' on CBS for the second season.

In Hollywood trash:

Bieber looks like he'll be off the hook for the egging incident.  Sources say that he will end up paying only 20K for damages to his neighbors property and get informal probation, no jail time.

Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards are fighting about child support again.  He says she won't let him see his kids, she says that she can't drop everything on a whim when he wants to see them.  She reportedly gets 55,000 a month from Charlie.   Really?  55,000 a month!?

President Obama will appear on Ellen today to urge people to sign up for the Affordable Care Act before the deadling at the end of the month.