Happy Birthday to Tom Selleck!  He's 69 years old today, and so is his mustache!

B105 Things:

"Snow Rollers" are entertaining people during a brutal winter.   With the heavy snow and high winds, there have been some natural sculptures showing up in fields across the country.  They are formed from a combination of sticky snow, fairly strong winds, and cold temps.

Police Chief asks crime to go on hiatus due to the cold temps on facebook.   Clever right?

Technology allows people to get in their hotel rooms using their smart phones.  Would you trust your smart phone vs a regular hotel card?


As we mentioned earlier it's Tom Selleck's birthday!  What's your favorite movie from him?   Cathy's is Three Men & A Baby:


Mine?  Quigley Down Under:

Also it's Oprah's 60th Birthday!

Heather Graham is 44

Ed Burns in 46

Paul Ryan is 44

Winter Storm Leon paralyzes the traffic in the South.

 Brain Teaser Question:

Since the 1980's, the wages for this job have risen 9 times the rate of inflation... What Job?  Answer:  Babysitting

Are You Smarter Than Cathy?

There are two categories of trees:  Decidious and what?

Answer:  Coniferous.  Cathy guessed Ambiguous.

Entertainment Update:

Justin Bieber will be arraigned on Valentines day for his charges.  He's also said he will be moving out of his Suburban home.

Celebrity Make-Unders.  These are photoshopped pictures of celebrities and what they would look like without the expensive budgets they have for self care.   It's pretty interseting seeing Kim K, Nicholas Cage, Tom Cruise, and more look like frumpy everyday people.