So I got an e-mail from an excited Cathy Kates about today being National Bubble Wrap Day.   Oh boy!  It's our favorite stress reliever!

B105 Things

Bill Gates lost a game of chess to a 23 year old Norwegian.  It only took 9 moves for Magnus Carlsen to beat Gates.  He's the "Justin Bieber" of Chess.

Super Bowl tickets are cheaper this year, thanks to the cold weather forecast.  Right now the cheapest seats to the Super Bowl are $1200, which is a lot less than a few years ago.

Today's Birthdays!

Robyn Bodin, Jill Bodin, Kelly LeGore, Cecelia Anderson, Mary Hallsten!

Brain Teaser Question

Why do 29% of women not eat breakfast?

Answer:  Too busy doing their hair


Like we mentioned earlier, it's national bubble wrap day.  Cathy has a blog and a link to virtual bubble wrap here!\

Are You Smarter Than Cathy?

What temperature does propane quit working (vaporizing?)

Answer: -45F

Polar Bear Plunge

We talked with officer Mike Thamm from the Duluth PD about the Plunge coming up February 15.  There are already 667 people registered, and $40,000 raised.  The goal is 1,000 people registered, so form a team and sign up!