Cathy and I were off for a couple of days for the 25th Annual St. Jude Country Cares Seminar.  We both feel like we are suffering a bit of jet lag, which is funny because we didn't even switch time zones from Memphis Tennessee.  Anyway, the coffee's on and we're ready to go!


B105 Things:

Peyton Manning's now famous "Omaha" call at the line of scrimmage has raised $24,800 for charity.   Every time he barked the word Omaha during Sunday's AFC Championship Game, 8 area businesses donated a combined $800.   It all went to Peyton's Peyback Foundation, which works to promote success among disadvantaged children.

Are we having a mini ice age?  Scientists are warning that the sun has gone to sleep and it could cause temperatures to fall.  Wait, what happened to global warming?

We are finding out now that the malware program that was created that took down Target's customers information was ORIGINALLY written by a 17 year old Russian kid.   He wasn't directly involved in this scam, but the people that were got the code from him.

 Brain Teaser:

This happens in January more than any other month...

Answer:  File for divorce.

It seems that people don't want to be accused by friends and family that they were heartless right before Christmas.

Big Announcement!

You can win a trip to see Tim & Faith Soul to Soul at the Venetian in Las Vegas this march!   B105 and Duo Tones salon have teamed up to give you the chance to win!  Keep checking back for details and your chance to enter!

Are You Smarter Than?

Who was the youngest person to receive the Nobel Peace Prize?

Answer:  Martin Luther King Jr.  (It's Martin Luther King, Jr day!)

B105 Entertainment Update

Trace Adkins went to Rehab last week after a confrontation with an impersonator aboard a cruise that he was suppose to perform on.  Trace took issue when he started signing his autograph.  According to Stephen Barker Liles of Love and Theft (who was aboard) there were no punches thrown, but it wasn't pretty.

Blake Shelton & Lady Antebellum have announced tour dates!

Arnold Schwarzenegger will be in a Bud Light Super Bowl Commercial.  Did you see the pre-commercial last night?   Apparently he's been paid $3 Million!