Good morning, Cathy is back after her nightmare trip to the Metrodome yesterday to get her seats.   It took them 3 hours to move 3 blocks in the traffic, but she's got her seats.   She's a little crabby today, so CAPTION THIS PHOTO! 

B105 Things:

The first Crogel and Cragel have been invented.   They are combos of bagels and croissants.  It was introduced last week at the Stew Leonard grocery store.

Disney is planning on bringing its hit movie "Fozen" to Broadway!

Online dating memberships spiked by almost 50% during the polar vortex.

A 35 year old New York man has spent the last 32 years of his life adding to his rubber band ball that now weighs over 250 pounds.  It's made up of over 5,000 rubber bands.

 Brain Teaser Question:

Americans spend about 3 Billion dollars a year on this....

Answer:  Ice

We Need More Cowbell!

Make sure to join us this Thursday night for the 5th annual "We Need More Cowbell" at Grandma's Sport's Garden.  We talked with Dr. Ken Larson about the event, and it's always a fun time.   Tickets are $15 at the door.   Doors open at 5pm.   You can get more information at the Northern Lights Foundation's website.

B105 Entertainment Update

Jennifer Nettles new album "That Girl" comes out today, and she's making the rounds for TV appearances.  She's on the Today Show today, and Late Night with David Letterman.

Kanye West has attacked a guy that insulted Kim.  Apparently the guy was trying to help Kim when the paparazzi swarmed her, but he started screaming offensive obscenities.  When Kim told him not to say those things, he started going off on her!  Kanye found out and beat him up.  Now he's pressing charges.

There was a Seinfeld reunion at Tom's Diner in New York.  The diner was made famous in the show, and Jerry, Jason Alexander, and Larry David were spotted there with cameras.   Looks like it could be either a Super Bowl ad, or part of Jerry's web series.


-We are both guilty of a few of these.