Want to win some tickets to see The Band Perry this Saturday at the DECC?  Listen at 7:40 for your chance to qualify for our big Free Ticket Friday later this week!

A lot of snow removal crews are out and pushing back snowbanks.  This has made the snowbanks REALLY high in some areas and it's very dangerous for traffic.  Look twice to make sure there really isn't a car coming!

B105 Things

Need more girl scout cookies?  There's a new app that will locate where the cookies are being sold near you!

A couple in Northern California got a surprise when they stumbled upon $10 million in rare gold coins buried under a tree.  Seriously, who does this happen to?

Want a hipster beard but can't grow one?  Try a facial hair transplant!

And finally, the World's Smallest E-Vehicle and controlled by an APP.

Brain Teaser Question:

According to cosmo, men wish women wouldn't get mad if they didn't notice what?

Answer:  Bag (purse)

Man Delivers Baby after hospital staff leaves them.

A father was left to deliver his wife's baby after the hospital staff was called away for an emergency c-section.   Mother and baby are doing fine, but WHAT ABOUT THE DAD??

 Are you Smarter Than Cathy?

I came up with a word problem today, which Cathy hates!

Sally has a full tank of gas which is 20 gallons.  If she gets 30 miles per gallon, how many miles can she travel before she's at a half a tank?

Answer:  300 miles.  Congrats to Cory who got it right!

Cathy also got it right, but looking at her work I have no idea how she got the number 6,000 in there...

Ken Hayes

 Entertainment Update

A small fire broke out at Loretta Lynn's home in Hurricane Mills Tennessee.  It started when a candle caught a chair on fire, but was extinguished before fire crews arrived.

Today on TV

Billy Ray Cyrus will be on The Talk.

Keith Urban appears on American Idol.

Dierks Bentley will be on Watch What Happens Live on Bravo and on the Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon.

Brad Paisley appears on Late Night With Seth Meyers.

These two words could be costing you thousands with medicare:  Under Observation.