Happy Valentines Day!  Cathy has this special heart goggle thing going on for you!?  Also we are celebrating our 7th anniversary of doing the show together.  We'll share some fun memories later on.

B105 Things

Ladies, would this make your more likely to go to a sports bar?  It's a sports bar for women, with pink walls and mexican food.  That seems a little odd.

A pair of leggings can zap cellulite!  Apparently, the fabric includes bio active crystals which the manufacturer Macom claims absorb body heat and returns it back in the form of infrared rays.  Those rays are suppose to help with blood flow and zap fat.  Hmm..

45 million smart-watches expected to ship by 2017.  The future of wearable technology is officially here.  It's a growing craze and shipments are already at 8 million this year.

 Brain Teaser Question:

25% of couples feel closer because they share this.

Answer:  Same email account

7 Years Together on the B105 Breakfast Club  Here's some of our favorite memories: