Move over, Kellie Pickler... I've got a new crush, and her name is Tora Bright.  She's an Australian snowboarder and she won silver yesterday in the half pipe.   Cathy wanted to see a picture, so I decided to share this today.  Kaitlyn Farrington sturck gold, and American Kelly Clark won bronze. 

B105 Things

STOLEN!  10 Containers of Bull Semen.   Wow.  Gross.   Apparently it's worth like $500 bucks per container.

There's a new plugin that allows Gmail users to find out when a recipient opens an email.  IT also reveal details about the device used to read the email, and even the reader's location.  Going too far?  We think so.

Coming soon to Sears:  Drive-Thru Shopping.  They are introducing a mobile app that you can order your product on, and then stop by the store and someone will show up curbside and help you put it in your car.  If it works, they are going to introduce it to K-Mart too!

Did you hear about the sinkhole that swallowed those corvettes?


Happy Birthday to Stockard Channing (Rizzo From Grease)

Cathy wanted me to share this:

Brain Teaser Question:

American's spend 18 billion dollars a year on this:  Romance Novels

Are you smarter than?

Which amendment guarantees Freedom of Speech?  Jill and I played against each other, and I got the answer right with the 1st ammendment.  JIll guessed 7th, but we gave her a Now That's What I Call Country Ballads cd anyway.

Taylor's new haircut!  She posted this on instagram!