Good morning!  Cathy's back.   Her results from her arthroscopic dinga ling... I don't know the term, they put a scope in her ankle.  They found out she has a hole in her cartilage.   So she's got this funky boot on and is hobbling around without her crutches because her armpits hurt.  But, enough about hop a long Kates...

Speaking of ankle injuries, looks like Adrian Peterson's ankle may just be a sprain.  Vikings lost to the Ravens in a heartbreaking game 29-26.

B105 Things

Health officials in Wisconsin are warning people against eating a traditional holiday snack:  the cannibal sandwhich.  It's uncooked groundbeef on rye cocktail bread.  Would you eat it?  Who eats raw ground beef anymore?

Best spot to sit in the movie theater?   According to Brainstuff, the best spot is in the middle of a row, about two-thirds of the way back.   That's where audio engineers balance the sound.

This 16 year old girl is the nation's youngest monster truck driver!

The world's most popular liquor is a South Korean booze called Soju.  This year it sold 65 million cases.   Ever tried it?   I've never even seen it!   But here it is.

Brain Teaser Question:

15,000 people visited the ER last holiday season due to this.  Answer:  Decorating for Holidays.

Are You Smarter Than Cathy?

Name two states that border Idaho.

Our listener Amber guessed Iowa and Kansas,  Cathy guessed Iowa and Oregon.

Well, at least Cathy got one right, and that's pretty good.   Stay tuned, I'll be debuting Cathy's map of the United States before too long.

Entertainment Update:

Jen Arnold from TLC's "The Little Couple" has been diagnosed with rare cancer.   She won't go into details, but says she's under treatment and the prognosis is good.

Congrats to Lee Brice and his wife Sara who had a baby boy over the weekend.  They name him Ryker Mobley Brice.

Garth Brooks is back on top with album sales with his 8 disc collection called "Blame It All On My Roots"

 Can you get the Celebrity's name right?  Answers below.

Who is...?

1.  Chairman of the Board

2.  King of Cool

3.  The King

4.  The Rat Pack

5.  The Godfather of Soul

6.  The Boss

7.  King of Pop

8.  Duke

9.  Man in Black

10.  The Velvet Fog


1.  Frank Sinatra

2.  Steve McQueen

3.  Elvis Presley

4.  Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis, Jr.  Peter Lawford, and Joey Bishop

5.  James Brown

6.  Bruce Springsteen

7.  Michael Jackson

8.  John Wayne

9.  Johnny Cash

10.  Mel Torme


Wheel of Winning:  Which state produces the most popcorn in the country?

Answer:  Nebraska