There is a phenomenon with Cathy's shirt.   No matter what camera or lighting I use, the true color will not appear in a photo.   This shirt is soooo bright, it's blinding.   She says she wore it to make sure I'm awake today.   Thanks, Cath.

It's a very cold morning, both our vehicles were frozen shut, and roads are icy.  There once again are quite a few school closings and delays.

B105 Things

Smart watch lets parents track their kids.  It has GPS that will tell parents where the kids are.

A Norman Rockwell painting sells for a record breaking $46 Million at Auction.

Was for your account hacked?   Hackers stole usernames and passwords for almost two million accounts on Facebook, Google, Twitter, Yahoo, and others sites.

Cathy is pretty crabby today, so I told her to take a pill.   She is now applying her stress reliever lotion.   Huh?

Ken Hayes

Brain Teaser Question

According to a recent study, 87% of us do THIS while sending an email.

Answer:  Hold Your Breath


Researches at MIT say this is the toughest phrase to say 5 times fast.

"Pad kid poured curd pulled cold."

What the heck does that even mean?  Anyway, I don't think it was that hard.

We argued about the perfect BLT.  Cathy uses two pieces of toast, 2 pieces of bacon, 4 slices of roma tomatoes, and romaine lettuce.  My perfect blt is a half pound of bacon on toast with a ton of mayo and a small amount of lettuce.  Intern Dustin agreed with my sandwich.

Are You Smarter than Ken

What international event cancelled the national lighting of the Christmas tree?

Answer:  Iran Hostage Crisis

Entertainment Update:

Carrie Underwood's live perfomance of "The Sound of Music" is tonight on NBC!

Clay Walker appears on the Better Show -  What's that??

Jake Owen will be on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Thomas Rhett will be on Jimmy Fallon

The autopsy report revealed yesterday that Paul Walker died from the "combined effects of traumatic and thermal injuries"  sustained in Saturday's fiery car crash.  Also the investigators believe the porsche was traveling 90mph in a 45 mph zone when it went off the road.

Congratulations to Christan Slater who had an impulsive wedding ceremony with new bride Brittany Lopez.  They have been dating for 3 years and planned on getting married later in the year, but after they got their marriage license they decided to just go to the courhouse and make it official.

Could Orlando Bloom be dating "Lord of the Rings" co-star Liv Tyler?   They were getting cozy since Bloom's split from wife Miranda Kerr.   They were spotted together at the opening night of a play and then at the after party were holding hands and acting flirty.

Do's and Don'ts for giving gifts for your boss this holiday season:

  • Don't give anything too persona;
  • Don't spend too much, or too little.   Spend $10-25
  • Do consider food or gift cards
  • Do consider a group gift
  • Don't generally give alcohol
  • Do consider books, or magazine subscriptions
  • Do check on company gift policies
  • Don't send a gift to a home address

Wheel of Winning

What game has four animals that eat marbles as quickly as possible?   Answer:  Hungry, hungry hippos.   We learned that Cathy always thought it was Hungry HIppos, and that Hungry, Hungry Hippos must have been a different game.   (Facepalm)