Welcome to Monday.   Blah.   We're hear to cheer you up.   How about those Vikings?   Barely made it, but Cathy and I were happy to see a game in overtime actually result in a win.

Vikings beat the bears 23-20.  Lions are now a game ahead of the bears in the playoff race.

Also some significant snow fall coming soon.  Could be 6-12 inches by middle of the week.

B105 Things:

Black Friday recap-   Sales raked in $9 billion dollars.  Sounds like a lot, but that number is lower than last year.  However, if you include Thanksgiving sales, it did top last year.

This Christmas don't leave you big boxes out on the curb.   After you get a new TV, computer, Ipad or big ticket item, leaving the box on the curb is a signal for burglers that there are goods inside.  "Operation Burgler Box" is hoping to curb break ins this Holiday season.

A man at the Mall of America was cited for disorderly conduct after throwing $1000 over the railing.  It was all in one dollar bills, and he said he did it to be nice.   He was hoping for some positive energy after he recently got a divorce and lost his business.

 Brain Teaser Question:

Americans are spending 7% more on this than last year...

Answer:  Work Out Clothes

Cathy and Ken Try Corned Venison

Most of us have eaten corned beef.  Well Cathy last night had dinner at a family members that included Corned Venison.  She was too chicken to try it last night, but I made her do it today.   It actually wasn't bad,  pretty salty though.


We learned that watermelons can spontaneously blow up.   Keep that in mind!

 Are You Smarter Than?

I gave Cathy a break today and helped her out with not giving her a geography or math question.  Instead it was science:

What term is defined as a massive, gravitationally bound system consisting of stars, stellar remnants, an interstellar medium of gas and dust, and dark matter.

Cathy answered solar system, Kevin answered constellation.   Correct answer was Galaxy.   We had to explain to Cathy that Galaxies are pretty big.

 Entertainment update

Paul Walker died in a fiery crash on Saturday.  Both of us are pretty shocked and saddened by it.  When news first broke, we thought it could be a hoax because it was so ironic he died in a car crash.

Charlie Sheen is dating another porn star, Brett Rossi.  Neither of us have seen any of her work.  Also Brooke Mueller and Denise Richards are fighting.   And Charlie is kicking Brooke out of the house that he bought for her.   Oh those Crazy Sheen's.

Anchorman 2's release date is moving up to Dec 18th!   Yes!

 Cathy tries to figure out what to eat before going to the dentist.

I recommended doing a beef jerky clense like I always do.

Here's the coat I've been missing for several weeks.  Turns out it was on the coat hook behind my office door.  Thankfully Cathy found it.   She must be a little color blind because she says it's blue.

Cathy says she could never sky dive.  It'd be too scary.   And I'm over the weight limit by a couple of pounds for a tandem dive.  Plus I don't have the desire to be strapped that closely to another man.