Only 2 days before Christmas!  Have you got all of your shopping done?   I only have about 3/4 of my list left.... today is the day!

Cathy was babbling about the hambone song, which I'm not familiar with, she gave me a quick lesson:

B105 Things

Dogs can recognize their owners in photos.  Researchers used eye movement tracking to see if dogs look at familiar and strange faces differently!

Chase Bank was open on Sunday to handle the Target Security Breach.

Churches are now tracking baby Jesus' with GPS, because they are being stolen so frequently.

There's a new app to monitor the quality of your eggs.  Really?  It's only $70.

Brain Teaser Question:

38% of people say they reg-gift this:   what is it?


And, we talked about this last week, but Cathy and I went to Custom Archery and Outdoors and tried archery for the first time!

Things guys don't want under the Christmas Tree:

1.  Anything Chia

2.  Fathead decals & posters

3.  Rogain, or other hair loss products.

4.  Anything labeled "some assembly required"

 Wheel of Winning:

What is the nickname for the legendary Indianapolis Motor Speeday?

The Brickyard