Good morning!  Rough start today for me, as I woke up and put on clean clothes from the dryer and have a mystery stain on my shirt right away.   It looks like a toothpaste stain, but I didn't have it on when I brushed my teeth.   Also, Cathy's holding our wonderful prize that was mangled during shipping.   Don't worry, it's just the box. (and it's got a gift card with it.)

 B105 Things:

The Library of Congress added 25 new films to the National Registry yesterday.  Among those making the list this year:  Mary Poppins, Pulp Fiction, Roger & Me, The Right Stuff, The Magnificent Seven,  and Forbidden Planet.

There's a school now teaching baby's how to be a DJ.  (Club style).  This ridiculous school was founded by a strange musician and offers and eight-week program for infants aged 3-month to 3 years- old.  It's priced at $200.  The class teaches babies how to mix music tracks by turning knobs and pushing buttons.

Girls are now having sleepunders instead of sleepovers.   Basically, the girls do the same thing as your regular slumber party, including getting into their own pajamas.   However, at the end of the night, they return home to their own beds.   So what's the point of this?

According to a new study published in a medical journal, a small perecentage ofmodern day Americans say they have had virgin births.   Yeah, right.

Brain Teaser Question:

Men are three times as likely to commit this driving infraction as women are.  What is it?  Answer:  Not wearing a seat belt.

Most Popular Days to Propose is Christmas Eve

That's according to a new study, but it's different for men and women:


Valentine's Day

Anniversary on the day you met

Christmas Eve

Christmas Day

New Year's Eve

New Year's Day

His Birthday

Her Birthday



Christmas Eve

Valentine's Day

Anniversary of the day you met


Christmas day

New Year's Eve

News Year's Day

His Birthday

Her Birthday

Cathy and I visited Custom Archery and Outdoors yesterday to try shooting a bow.  It was a blast!   Here's Ken's grouping for the first time:

Are you Smarter than?

What metallic element is combined with carbon to make basic steel?  Answer:   Iron... (I got it right, the listener didn't, but we always give the prize anway...shhh...don't tell anyone.)

Entertainment Update:

Basically, we discussed Phil Robertson's comments in GQ magazine.   He stuck to his beliefs and his values and that is his freedom of speech right.   That being said, it's also A&E's right to suspend him like they did.   Freedom of Speech doesn't mean you can say what you want without consequences.   Freedom of Speech means you can say what you want and believe, and not be thrown in jail.   There's a difference.   We both find the star's remarks offensive, but that's what he believes.

 Holiday Traveling

According to AAA, more than 90 million people will be traveling 50 miles or more between December 21 and January 1, a .6% increase over last year.

Wheel of Winning

What was the name of Han Solo's space ship in Star Wars?

Answer:  Millennium Falcon... duh  WHO DOESN'T KNOW THIS!?

Cathy didn't know, I suggest she read up on the online Star Wars Encyclopedia :  Wookiepedia