Well we both are still here, which means neither of us won the Mega Millions Jackpot.   The numbers were 8,14,17,20,39, and mega ball 7.  There were two winners, one in San Jose, California, and the other in Atlanta, Georgia.

B105 Things

You had one job to do, fire department.   A training exercise in Washington was set up for firefighters where they put out plane on fire.   In some bizarre mishap, instead of using water to extinguish the flames, they sprayed jet fuel on the fire.   Thankfully no one was seriously injured.   They are blaming a malfunctioning oil/water seperator.


NASA has ordered emergency space walks to repair the International Space Station.  Some astronauts are actually on call during the holidays.

Brain Teaser Question:

In a recent romance survey, 3 out of 4 women said that they wish that their man would do THIS more often.   Answer:   Holding Hands

Congrats to Sara T. who called in and got it right!

Cathy's had this Christmas song stuck in her head and it's been driving her nuts.

And then we started talking about good ol' Angela Lansbury and had to play the theme song from Murder, She Wrote.

Are You Smarter Than?

I had a question for Cathy today.  It was:  Name 2 of the 4 layers of the Earth.   She answered sediment and magma, our listener Tanna got it right with Crust and Mantle.   The four layers are crust, upper mantle, lower mantle, outer core, inner core.

Entertainment Update:

Congrats to Tessanne Chin winner of the voice last night!

Bruce Willis is going to be a dad again at 58 years old!

Chris Cagle was arrested early Sunday morning for a DWI.

MIchael Jordan and his wife Yvette Prieto are expecting twins!

Duck Dynasty will appear on Barbaba Walters Most Fascniating People TV Special.

Animal Allies

We chatted with Jenny from Animal Allies and she told us about a couple cool things going on at the Shelter.   Now up until Christmas, with any adoption, you receive a transferable voucher for a cat adoption.  Also this Saturday the Harbor City Roller Dames will be gift wrapping at Harley Davidson Sport Center on Stebner road.  Any donations will be matched by Harley Davidson Sport Center for Animal Allies.

I gave Cathy a thank you card for several things, including:

Throwing a baby shower for us, Officiating our wedding, etc.  Kind of a one size fits all thank you card.