Good morning once again, fellow icicles.   There's good news coming!  Temperatures may be near 20 ABOVE zero next week.   But for now, we're still bundling up and dealing with dangerous wind chills.

Cathy smacked her ankle again.  Does anybody know how to wrap an ankle?  She's afraid to take it off.   And she's a little crabby about it.

B105 Things

Secret Santa gifts under $25:   How about a wine glass that shows the amount of calories in the glass?   (no thanks!)  The Selfie from Urban Outfitters, it plugs into cellphones and helps people take selfies and groupshots.

A zoo owner from Winchester, VA has come up with a great way to make money in the off season!   He rents camels out to live nativity scenes!

And of course, everyone's talking about the fake sign language interpreter at the Nelson Mandela memorial service.   That guy must have stayed at a Holiday Inn Express.  (Thanks Cissy for the joke ;)

 No Brain Teaser today, our phone lines are down.   So instead:

13 Things That Happen At Every Holiday Party!

1.  Even if the invitation says formal attire someone shows up in an ugly holiday sweater.

2.  Someone wears formal attire when the invitation says casual.

3.  You get into a TMI situation with your boss.

4.  Your co-workers are terrible dancers.

5.  Someone dresses up as Santa and has too much to drink.

6.  Holiday theme line dances might happen.

7.  There's a stag party that shows up fashionably late.

8.  A guy puts on a mistletoe hat.

9.  You eat nothing but candy for dinner.

10.  Someone thinks they're Bieber and goes shirtless.

11.  Someone gets a little too drunk and passes out.

12.  There's an after party and it's even crazier.

13.  Monday morning you're looking around the office wondering what they all think about you now.

Ken's homemade pickles!

I got this recipe from my mom, and we made a big batch this last weekend.   Basically you boil the vinegar, water, and canning salt, and then pour the brine into jars of sliced cucumbers.   Then you let it sit out on the counter a pickle for 3 days, then refrigerate for up to a year.

Ken Hayes


Drum pants!   Just in time for Christmas!


B105 Entertainment Update:


Blake's winning streak is over at The Voice.   His contestant Cole Vosbury was sent home the other day.

Ellen on her show yesterday denied tabloid claims that she and her wife Portia are having marital problems.

Paul Walker's family blames reflective plastic markers in the street for the car accident that took the actor's life.

Madonna (55) split from her boy toy Brahim Zaibat (25).   Think age was an issue?

Chris Young will be on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Kelly Clarkson apepars on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

Cathy's looking for battery operated socks.