Cathy's all bundled up... are you?   There's a windchill warning this morning, and temps are about -11 F here at the studios.  Windchills are -30, so be careful!Cathy's continuing ankle saga:

Now her ankle is swollen and red, and she's worried it might be infected.   Is there a doctor in the house?   (Or nurse?)

gross. zombie ankle

B105 Things:

Scientists have created a 3D printer that makes real food like pizza, pasta, and cakes.  Of course you need to load the printer with capsules full of the ingredients, and you still need to cook it.   So this is really stupid.

Eyelift in a bottle?   Cathy says yes!  A new product from Elizabeth Arden says it can reduce wrinkles by 75% in 15 minutes!

Obama haters are complaining about the President's conduct at Nelson Mandela's memorial service.   He posed for a selfie with British Prime Minister David Cameron and Denmark's Prime Minister Helle Thorning Schmidt.   All I'm going to say is that George W. Bush posed for other photos as well.   A lot of people did.  We should be talking about Nelson Mandela today, not the President of the United States.

Happy Birthday to Brenda Lee!  She's 69!  Here's a live performance of her in 1984.

B105 Brain Teaser Question

People who do this for a living take more sick days than anyone else.   What's their job?  Answer:  Postal Worker

Cathy's Saving Plan for Christmas cash

It's called the 52 week challenge, and you can save up to 1378 dollars!

Are you smarter than Cathy!  SHE GOT IT RIGHT!!!!!

Who is next in line in the Presidential line of succession after the Vice President:  Speaker of the House.   CATHY GOT IT RIGHT!

Entertainment update:

ACA's were last night.   I wasn't impressed.  The show doesn't seem to have the appeal of the CMA's or other award shows.  Sound was bad, didn't know who the presenters were, and there wasn't much chemistry.

Ray Price is not doing well.  His son Clifton has said he has been admitted to the hospital and in his final stages of pancreatic cancer.

 Wheel of Winning

Which of the following would you most likely not catch while ice fishing?

A. Crappies

B.  Walleye

C.  Yellow Perch

D.  Catfish

Answer is Yellow perch!   And then Cathy sent me here to verify, which makes absolutely no sense.

Cathy brought up Buckeye Balls.  I've never heard of them, I thought she meant Buck Eyeballs, like from a deer.   Nope, these look pretty good.