Roads are TERRIBLE.  We received anywhere from 4-7 inches in the Twin Ports overnight, and we could see another 3-6 inches of snow before noon.  There are multiple closings that you can find on our weather page.

B105 Things

Proof that these trashy talk shows are real.  A couple was arrested Tuesday night after brawling at a Connecticut hotel before appearing on Maury Povich's talk show.  It had to do with a girl finding out her boyfriend was sleeping with her mom.  Classic.

Next time  you're in the grocery store, look for the cartoon characters on boxes of cereal.   Marketing people now have the characters looking down at the kids, hoping to increase sales.

Same sex couples are having a hard time filing taxes as married couples in States that don't recognize their marriage.  In a lot of cases, couples have gone to another state to be married where it is legal, but their home state won't recognize it.

And a miraculous story about a golden retriever who survived two weeks after being trapped in the mudslide.