New bread machine

I was making meatloaf from scratch the other day, I usually use a mix with the meat that gives me the oven temp and how long to cook it, so I was at a loss.  I turned to the internet and while  I was getting the answers I needed, I also found that my meatloaf could have been prepared in my bread machine (yay, it would get used!)  After some research, I found other uses for my bread machine.

In warmer climates, like Texas and Florida, they use their bread machine often to make meatloaf.  Ingenious!  The oven would add heat to an already warm home.   Plus, the bread machine can mix it AND bake it, you just throw the ingredients in. Here's the recipe from

How about using your bread machine for a little dessert?  Easy, delicious chocolate cake from!

You must already be making bread if you have a bread machine, but you need jam for that hot, fresh, soft bread!  Yes, believe it or not, you can make jam in your bread machine!!  Here are some recipes from

Get the most out of your bread machine by using it for MORE than bread!  Happy Eating!