Do you know where the B105 Breakfast Club name came from?  You guessed it!  I am a huge fan of the movie "The Breakfast Club" and a huge fan of Molly Ringwald.  I also loved her in the movies "Pretty in Pink" and "Sixteen Candles" (which I can't find on DVD anywhere!).  She is an actress, dancer, author and now, a Jazz Singer with a new album coming out in April.You're probably doing what I did, questioning her choice to be a jazz singer, but it makes sense, her father is jazz musician, Bob Ringwald, leader of the Fulton Street Jazz Band.  She has been singing since she was 6.

The album is due out in April and will be titled "Except...Sometimes".  She performs with her father's band on occasion.  Her's a sneak peek at Molly singing jazz.

I still love ya, Molly (and the entire cast of "The Breakfast Club)! I plan to pick up her jazz CD!!  Will you?