We were on the cycle Monday, July 4th and THIS is what we saw!  The accident had already happened, so I can't say for sure, HOW it happened, only that it was a sight to see. 

It didn't  appear they were going fishing.  Based on where the boat was located, the family could have been transporting their boat to the bay to watch the fireworks, since it was around 7:45p on July 4th, just speculation.

As you can  see in the pic, their plan was to lift the stern with a tow truck and try to reel the bow back on the trailer.  Luckily, it fell off on Main Street, so the only time traffic on Grand was affected was when the truck was trying to realign the trailer and the bow.

Hope there wasn't much damage and they were able to salvage their July 4th celebration.

It sure was an amazing sight....I mean, I know accidents happen, but it was weird to see a boat just sitting there on the blacktop...just odd!