The Blue Marlin weighed 1, 213 pounds!  Can you imagine?  Even MORE amazing is the length of time it took to land the aquatic beast.  Almost 28 hours!  How did they do it?The gentleman who caught the Blue Marlin hails from Traverse City, Michigan was deep sea fishing in Cabo San Lucas when it hit.  His crew aboard a 31 foot yacht worked through the night and another boat and crew was called in to help.  They had much to think about while the fish fought for it's life.  The boat had to keep changing position as the fish moved to free itself.  The line had to be kept just right, so it wouldn't break, and of course, there was the fatigue of those involved.  But, they did it!  As we are looking for our augers and looking forward to ice fishing in the Northland, a big congratulations goes out to all the deep-sea anglers involved.

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