Bill Clinton is traveling North to Wisconsin to take part in the recall fight against Governor Scott Walker.  Clinton made up his mind yesterday to make the trip, saying:

“Folks in Wisconsin have been on the front lines of fighting for working, middle-class families across America for more than 16 months,” the former president said in a statement. “I'm coming to Wisconsin to help Tom and the extraordinary grassroots volunteers on the ground.”

Clinton and his staff are still figuring out his schedule for appearances and visits.  Democrats in Wisconsin have felt that the National Party hasn't given enough support for the recall election.  President Obama and his administration has kept it's distance from the fight.  Bill Clinton's visit is likely the most support that Barrett and democrats can hope for before Tuesday.

Officials are expecting a possible record breaking voter participation for this Tuesday's election, with some analysts projecting over 65% voter turn out.  Most polls give Walker a slight edge,  however Democrats have released internal polls showing the race as a dead heat.  It should be a close race, and important that you vote for your candidate on June 5th.  Read more about Clinton's visit at The Washington Post.