I LOVE watching "behind the scenes" video of my favorite artists, actors and actresses.  It just makes them more real to me.  Based on the celebrities I have met, the Country artists are the MOST real and down to earth.  Have you ever wondered what they call home?  Luke Bryan shares a piece of his farm with us in a photo shoot.  I wonder if he stocks his personal fishing hole!

Honestly, I tried to locate a video of Luke dancing in a silly outfit at his house.  His wife, Caroline, said he is as goofy at home as he is on stage.  Never afraid to strut his stuff where ever he goes.  She said she has tons of video of him dancing around the kitchen table, she must be keeping that under lock and key, because I couldn't find any!!!

Here's Luke at home on his farm doing a little fishing.  I love the fact that he still drives an old pick-up truck.  No brand new monster truck with a hemi for him (at least the truck he uses on his land).  If you want to learn more about Luke Bryan, he graces the cover of People Country magazine which is on newsstands now.