Just last week my wife and I were taking a short walk to a nearby business when we needed to cross Belknap Street in Superior.  Wow, what a dangerous game of frogger that turned out to be.  I remember thinking that people must not know, or not care about the pedestrian right of way laws.  Well, apparently some other people have had this complaint, and the Superior Police department is making an increased effort to enforce this.

The department has assigned officers to watch corners where there are a lot of pedestrians and issue citations to drivers who do no stop for pedestrians in the crosswalk.  In some cases, the department is using their own personnel to act as pedestrians.

Drivers are required to stop for pedestrians who are in the crosswalk.  The fine for not stopping for someone an an uncontrolled intersection (one with no traffic signals) is $326.50 and four demerit points.

In addition, pedestrians are asked to utilize the provided crosswalks when they are out walking.  Crossing in the middle of the street (commonly called “jay-walking” has it’s own safety issues).