We've been hearing more and more about bacon in the news.  Bacon flavored this, bacon infused that....now it's bacon wrapped.  Pork on Pork!  A bacon wrapped hot dog....some places in Northern California are calling it a danger dog.  I'll try it once, maybe while camping.  Do you want the recipe to WOW your family?

Cook Your own Danger Dog

1. Wrap bacon around a hot dog, corkscrew-style. Secure the bacon to the hot dog using (nonplastic) tooth picks.

2. Grill the hot dog, as you would normally. It's done when the bacon gets crispy. (If you don't want the bacon too crispy, you can partially cook the hot dogs before putting on the bacon, then place on the grill.) Remove the toothpicks and place the hot dog in a bun.

3. Top it with your favorite condiments or go "street " style and add mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard and grilled onions.