Missy Luukkonen is a great B105 listener and Monday night she celebrated her wedding anniversary by seeing Carrie Underwood at the Xcel Energy Center.  Missy and her husband Mike enjoyed the concert from the floor and she was nice enough to share some pictures and her 5 favorite experiences at what sounded like an amazing night.

Missy and her hubby had a blast at the concert and seem to have loved it all, but if she had to pick the top 5 things she experienced at the show, she said they would be:

  1. The stage and lights were amazing. Her lights follow her automatically. The stage went up and down, turned in circles and the circular pieces that came down from the ceiling were also a stage and it's how she always came out from her 6 outfit changes.
  2. Loved her tribute to Dolly Parton. She talked above it how she had been a huge inspiration growing up. She had nothing to do but sing and listen to mystic.
  3. When she sang What I Never Knew I Always Wanted", song of her latest album, she showed video footage of her family and sat on the piano as she sang it.
  4. Her awesome guitar solo at the end of "Smoke Break" I had no idea she could play guitar like that!
  5. Her Harmonica solo for "Chawkta County Affair"
Photo by Missy Luukkonen

Where you at the show?  We'd love to know what your favorite moments were!

Photo by Missy Luukkonen