I really think Duluth's downtown area is coming back and I think that is a great thing because a city's downtown district should have a nice buzz about it.   So when a story like this breaks I can't help but hope that one business leaving means another company will soon call Duluth home and employ area workers.  As it stands, this leaves local workers left with a decision to relocate or try and get a different job.

AT&T’s call center in Duluth’s Technology Village downtown will close and move its jobs out of the area, a company spokesman said Tuesday.

“As part of a consolidation of Mobility credit and collections centers, we are closing a small credit and collections center in Duluth,” AT&T spokesman Marty Richter said.

The jobs will move to four larger credit and collections centers — one in Bloomington, Minn., and three in Texas. Most of the Duluth employees are union members and will have the option of taking an incentive to relocate to one of those offices. Richter wouldn’t say how many employees work in Duluth but several sources told the News Tribune the number is about 82.