I think I would rather watch a short advertisement on an ATM screen than pay a transaction fee, what about you?  That is the plan with this invention:


ATM users could soon be able to opt out of ATM surcharges by agreeing to watch an advertisement in the same amount of time it takes for a typical transaction.

Clinton Townsend, a 25-year old Brooklyn, N.Y., resident from New Jersey, is founder and CEO of Free ATMs NYC. He created an ATM that uses targeted advertisements to cover the cost of the surcharge of an ATM outside its network. And, assures Townsend, the transactions don't take any longer than they would without the commercial. While banks already show advertisements on ATMs for their own mortgage rates and other products, Free ATMs NYC offers local deals to businesses where ATMs are placed.

The ad plays during the time the screen's message indicates a transaction is processing, typically 10 seconds or less, Townsend said. Or customers can choose not to view the ad and pay an ATM surcharge of $3.

"We don't want customers to feel like hostages," he said.

Townsend said the ATMs also give them users the option to donate a portion of their fee to a charity. And at the bottom of the ATM receipt there might be a coupon that can be torn off and redeemed at a local business.

via ATM Surcharges Could Be Waived With Commercials - Yahoo!.