The Duluth Playhouse celebrated it's 100th anniversary and reading that made me remember the great memories I've had there.  My dad was an actor with the Duluth Playhouse and he wasted no time in getting my sisters and me involved at a young age with the children's theater.

I remember first trying out for a role in Peter Pan and being cast as the little boy Michael.  I loved the people and the experience and was then in a series of plays, including my first big role in a play called 'The Runaways'.

'The Runaways' was written and directed by Duluth artist Don Scribner who would later move to California act in movies like 'The Cooler' and 'Slave Girls From Beyond Infinity', which has to be seen to be believed.

I loved my experience with the Duluth Playhouse, which in my time there was full of passionate and wonderful people.  In fact, it was that early experience which eventually lead me graduate from UMD with a minor in acting.

Let's raise a glass to the 100th Anniversary of the Duluth Playhouse!  Click here for the full story our media partners at KBJR-TV produced in honor of this achievement.