Did someone say Bejeweled?  Wait Cathy, put down your phone, you're AT WORK!  Experts have come out with a study that will determine if you're addicted to your smartphone and Ken and Cathy took the test.  Here's their results.  After you laugh, take the test yourself.  Will you need to join them in an intervention?


  • Phone Panic-See, I carry a HUGE purse, lovingly named "the Abyss".  It's like a black hole, everything that goes in, gets lost for a period of time.  My phone panic comes when I can't find it in the "mother ship".  9 times out of 10, it's there, but OMG, what if I left it at home!
  • Working After Hours-I'm a multi-tasker anyhow, so if I have a down second, (while I'm doing something else), sure I'll check emails after dinner.  After all, I don't want to miss a thing!
  • Phantom Vibrations-Had em' in my pocket!  Sad thing is I don't usually carry my phone in my pocket?????  Why am I having them?
  • LOL & Hashtag-Yup, their part of my vocabulary and not just in text.  I literally will say "laugh out loud" instead of actually laughing out loud.  I don't even say it right, it should be LOL!!!
  • Bathroom-Yes, I take it everywhere with me.  Except the shower.  Learned that expensive lesson!
  • Social Media-Yup, haven't talked to somebody in three months, but know ALL about what's new in their life.  Hey, just keeping it current!
  • and yes, I haven't memorized a phone number in 10 years, so don't ask me yours, unless I have my smartphone with so I can look it up.  FAIL!


  •  Phone Panic - At least once a month I forget my phone at home, and I feel lost without it.   The worst is when you reach for your phone and can't find it after a night out on the town.  Yikes.
  • Working After Hours-  I'm constantly checking e-mails, but sadly that's how things are now.   Employers expect you to be on top of things, and with this job we work strange hours and even though I may have worked my 8 or 9 hours by 2 in the afternoon, other people are sending work e-mails until 5 pm.
  • You haven't talked to someone in three months, but you know all the news thanks to facebook-  Yep, I have "Facebook" friends that I went to high school with.  I know all about them but haven't seen them in 12 years.
  • You have poor posture-  I've had poor posture most of my life which has led to a lot of back pain.   Now I credit some of this to phone usage.

You take the test, (and be honest) how many of the following signs scream YOU:

  • You're experiencing blurred vision
  • You have phone panic with heart stopping terror if you can't find your phone
  • You work after hours by checking your emails (and secretly answering them when you thing no one is looking
  • You have a pounding headache
  • You can't get anywhere without Google maps
  • Your sleep is suffering
  • You have phantom vibrations
  • LOL and hashtag are part of your vocabulary
  • Your hands look like a claw
  • You text someone in the very next room
  • You bring your phone in the bathroom with you
  • You're constantly taking pics of your meal and uploading them
  • You don't make eye contact with anyone anymore
  • You know what's going on with all your friends, only because of social media
  • You find yourself thinking in 140 characters
  • You haven't memorized a phone number in 10 years
  • You have poor posture
  • You lose awareness of your surroundings
  • You feel the need to document every situation and occasion with a selfie

Info via:  The Third Metric