I think Facebook is a great tool for keeping in touch with friends, especially distant friends.  There is a fine line, however, that people cross that make you going from a cool Facebook user, to a Facebook loser.

Facebook Cool:  Sharing something funny that happened.

Facebook Loser:  Sharing something funny that happened to a Facebook friend you've never actually met in person.

Facebook Cool:  Sharing a cute picture of your kid.

Facebook Loser:  Having all of your pictures on your profile your kid, and not a single picture of you.

Facebook Cool:  Hey ken, just wanted to write on your wall and say hi, how are ya?  Call me for lunch!

Facebook Loser:  Hey Ken, Andrea needs your help to get more coins in whothehellcaresville.  She also just answered a question about you, click here to find out what she said.

Facebook Cool:  Sharing a photo of you and your friends out on the town with the caption, "Hanging with my bff's" on Saturday at 1 AM.

Facebook Loser:  "Anybody want to chat?  I'm bored"  on Saturday at 1 AM.

Facebook Cool:  "I just wanted to let everyone know that Grandpa Joe passed away this morning, thanks for your thoughts and prayers."

Facebook Loser:  Everyday I'll post something about how much I miss Grandpa Joe, with some inspirational picture of clouds and sun, until the next person I know dies.  He wasn't even my grandpa.

Facebook Cool:  Occasionally using the share feature on something funny.

Facebook Loser:  Sharing every stupid picture of a kitten, funny cartoon, or sassy girl picture you see.  And sharing 7 of them in one day.

Facebook Cool:  "I'm feeling great after a workout!"

Facebook loser:  "Worked out for the second time today, gonna have a shake, go for a hike, and hit the gym again later"  Oh my god, get a life.  Who has the time to do all of that, the rest of us work, honey.

Facebook Cool:  "Please click the link today to donate for this charity that I spend actual time volunteering at."

Facebook Loser:  "Please share this post on your wall if you are against (whatever) for one hour, I bet you aren't brave enough, and only 2% of you will care).