If you were to use the magic 8 ball it would say, "All signs point to yes".


According to ProFootballTalk.com, the Vikings have issued a four page statement with the last sentence being, “This solution must be finalized in the 2011 session.”


I think owner Zigi Wilf did the best he could with Favre mach 1. That was supposed to be the Super Bowl team that would make all of Minnesota force the lawmakers to give them a new stadium.

When Brett Favre threw away the pass that gave New Orleans the win and birth in the Super Bowl, he threw away the new stadium too.


So why is it that the Minnesota Congress can't agree on anything, and it seems no one really wants it.


Will this be the last year Minnesota has a border battle with Green Bay. If things continue the way they are we will have an outcome that we will not care for. Say it with me....Los Angeles Vikings. Are we going to let them steal the Lakers and the Vikings?