With measurable snow being forecast throughout this weekend, it has a lot of us saying, really?  Facebook updates like, "Don't put the snowblower away yet, or  "more shoveling again.... argh!" aren't hard to find.  The reality is, this is a typical Northland Winter.  We just haven't had one in a few years.  Did you know that on average in Duluth our last measurable snowfall is April 27th?

According to the National Weather Service which keeps records here in Duluth, April snow can be expected every year.  Last year we were spoiled with all the snow being gone by this point and temperatures above average.

Here's another interesting fact, our average last frost (temperatures below 32 degrees) is June 5th.  We're still freezing in June!  Doesn't seem like it in the past couple of years, does it.   Looks like this year we have been getting back to normal.

Don't worry, spring will come sometime!  (Just not soon.)