Congratulation to the The City of Duluth Police Department.  For their efforts to keep us alive and safe with the "Click It or Ticket" campaign last year, they are being recognized by the State of Minnesota.

The Police Department will be recognized next Tuesday at the City Council meeting at approximately 6:50 pm.  They took top honors for a variety of reasons, they demonstrated innovative enforcement efforts, reported information promptly and accurately and used the media in a positive way to raise awareness.

Besides kudos and bragging rights,  the department will receive a new Pro Laser speed detector gun.

Interesting stats:

The Duluth Police Department and its partner agencies stopped 333 traffic stops, issued 80 citations and 36 warnings related to seat belts. Statewide during the last three years, 409 unbelted motorists were killed and 814 suffered serious, life-altering injuries.

How to properly wear a seat belt:

Seat belts must be worn correctly-low and snug across the hips; shoulder straps should never be tucked under an arm or behind the back.

Info via: City of Duluth Press Release