Most of you know that Keith Urban went under surgery roughly a month ago to remove vocal chord nodules.  It's a routine procedure that has been done many times.  The hardest part of the procedure is the recovery, where Keith Urban was instructed not to speak or sing for 6 weeks.

So what would happen if he didn't follow doctor's advice? I stumbled upon an article in that told of another singer that had the same problem as Keith Urban.  Her name was Bonnie Tyler and she had some big hits back in the day on the pop side.

Bonnie didn't follow the doctors instructions for vocal rest following her surgery.  It dramatically changed her voice.  Fortunately, for her, the raspy voice that followed help pack a punch and gave her a distinctive voice.  Still it's scary how dramatically it changed her voice.  Take a look.

1977, she sang this song before she went under the knife.

Now, one year later after the surgery (and not following doctor's orders.) You can definitely hear the rasp.  It's a permanent change, too.

It sounds like she drank whiskey for 20 years and smoked 2 packs of cigarettes a day, doesn't it.

Well it worked for Bonnie, but let's hope that our Keith Urban is following doctor's orders, because we like him the way he is.

Good luck on the recovery Keith!