Alan Jackson is like oatmeal. You know what you are going to get, but it's what you want. I think Alan wrote the best 9/11 song because it was the closest to what everyone was thinking. He does it again on his new album "Thirty Miles West". He talks about his family, his life, and shockingly reveals his true feelings about his wife's fight with cancer.

The heartfelt song about Denise, his wife of 30 years, is the closing track on the album "Thirty Miles West" and it keeps with the country music tradition of writing about the realities of life.

"I wrote it right after we found out about her cancer, but I didn't want to play it for her then," Jackson told Reuters. "A year or so later, when everything was okay and after we recorded it, I played it. Like most of the people who hear it, she cried."

Alan Jackson said the first one or two times he tried to record "When I Saw You Leaving," he couldn't get through it because he was overcome with emotion.

"I finally got it," he said. "I tried to write it so that it would be something other people could identify with, because so many people have been through those same emotions and experiences."

Alan discloses secrets from the album and talks about the new collection track by track. Follow the link below. See the video for his first single click here.

Alan Jackson was part of the changing of the guard that happened with himself, Clint Black, Garth Brooks and Travis Tritt.

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