Just when we thought it was getting out of hand to charge us for our baggage, stop giving us food and snacks, and charge us convenience fees.

Some airlines are now charging $25 or more for a family to sit together.

American, Delta Air Lines, Frontier Airlines and United Airlines have increased the percentage of coach seats requiring an extra fee to help increase revenue.

It means friends and family members who don't pay the supplement are often forced to sit separately. I know you are saying, like me, if you book in advance you can get a seat together.

Passengers who buy tickets two or more months in advance can normally book adjoining seats but others have to shell out $25 or more each way to sit next to a spouse, child or friend.

I'm not getting the reason why they have to charge, is it a hassle to move a couple of single people around? Something has to be done, airlines should have a base price for each flight, or pay per mile or something that would be fair. They are going to price themselves into bancruptcy.