I am a dog lover, plain and simple.  I can seek out dogs and puppies ANYWHERE!  This is our new puppy, Bauer, aka: jaws.  But, he is getting much better.  He's potty trained now and doesn't bite (he's teething) as much as he use to.  We have a routine and he's getting a long well with our older Schnauzer, Ruemmele.  I was surprised to see that Minnesota ranks 42 in having dogs as household pets.

53 percent of households own a pet. That's a rather low number. The American Veterinary Medical Association conducts this survey every five years, the most recent in 2012.  Here are the top 10 pet-owning states:

Vermont, New Mexico, South Dakota, Oregon, Maine, Washington, Arkansas, West Virginia, Idaho, and Wyoming.

Here are the top ten states with the lowest percentage of pet owning households:

Rhode Island, Minnesota, California, Maryland, Illinois, Nebraska, Utah, New Jersey, New York, and finally, Massachusetts.

You can get a lot of important information from this report.  One of the most important is how well we are keeping our pets healthy.  Sad news reported is that there are fewer dogs and cats visiting the veterinarian on a regular basis.  To be sure your pet remains healthy, you need to remember to bring their pets to the veterinarian – at least once a year.

Let's bring those ownership numbers up, Minnesota.  Wisconsin, let's get you on the list.  You can hear about adoptable pets from Animal Allies every Wednesday at 8:10 in B105.

The U.S. Pet Ownership and Demographics Sourcebook offers a great deal of information on pet ownership, trends and veterinary care.