Mountains, so majestic and beautiful to some, yet thrilling and dangerous to others.  I would never have the upper body strength to do mountain climbing, so I appreciate when these athletic souls wear a helmet cam that allows me to experience what I otherwise couldn't.  However, when something like this happens, it takes my breath away.  I realized I had held my breath through this man's terrifying fall caught on camera.

He is an experienced British mountain climber, Mark Roberts.  He set out to climb one of U.K.'s highest peaks with a helmet-mounted camera and took a terrifying fall.

Mark fell after a piece of falling ice caused him to fall more than 100 feet down a gully before coming to a stop on a ledge. He had to be airlifted to a local hospital. His fall resulted in a broken ankle and bruises, but luckily avoided serious injury to his head, neck and no internal injuries.

Roberts said, "Even with experience of risk assessment and making decisions, sometimes things just happen. When it all happens so quickly, you just try not to panic and hope there’s some luck with you."

He didn't escape unscathed, it could have been SO much worse.  Take care of yourself, Mark.  Hope your recovery is speedy!

Source:  Yahoo! News-The Sideshow