A community landmark that was built in 1952 to commemorate the service of WWII and Korean War veterans from Gary New Duluth.  After 60 years of honor, this Northland landmark is in desperate need of repair.  Plus, there's plans to do build a new monument to recognize additional veterans.  Can you help?The new monument will honor ALL veterans from the Far West neighborhoods of Gary New Duluth, Riverside, Smithville, Morgan ark and Fond Du Lac who served in the Vietnam, Gulf, Iraq and Afghanistan Wars.

How Can You Help

Help to identify veterans who grew up in the Far West area prior to service, and all veterans of the above mentioned conflicts who are current Far West residents that may have hailed from other parts of the country.  If you know someone, please call Park State Bank at 218.722.3500.  Or, you can mail them to:  Park State Bank, 2630 West Superior Street, Duluth, MN  55806.  You may also email them to:  farhamsm@parkstatebank.com.

Honor A Loved One

Donate $25 to buy a paver that will be inscribed with your name, or the name of the person you wish to honor.  The pavers will be used in the landscaping around the new monument.  Of course, larger donations are encouraged and appreciated!

The hope is to have the repairs and new construction completed by Memorial Day for an unveiling and dedication ceremony.

Info via: Gary New Duluth Community Club